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My focus is the exploration of the intimate lives of women, their sexual identity and body in order to reinvent on how we can re-connect ourselves with different natural environment.


The medium of the photographic image allows me to have access to intimate subjects in a way that would otherwise be impossible.  Photography is a way to document my environment. The idea is to be present without influencing the subject.

Capturing an intimate moment in time can be a cathartic experience for both the subject and the viewer. Spontaneity elucidates authenticity.


By daring to be vulnerable and expose what is often hidden,discomfort pushes us to deeper experiences and understandings. I want my images to overcome stereotypical thinking and attitudes towards the nude female figure. I want my visual compositions to strengthen the connections between people, and to heighten our understanding about self-perception and empowerment.

My intention is to empower women to reclaim and reinvent their body image through photographic expression by exploring their relationship with their surroundings, their homes, and with the people in their lives.  Many women have experiences which undermine their physical identity and body image. Women need to be empowered to share their voices to express themselves freely, without judgment, shame or fear, in order to encourage them to reclaim identity and sexuality.  Vulnerability, sensuality and authenticity are all elements of people’s psyche that I wish to capture visually.

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