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Marie Tremblay, Feminist Artist Photographer

I am a Montreal-based humanistic photographer who explores people in their personal, intimate environments.

In particular, I focus on individuals on the margins of society, and deal with delicate subjects such as intimacy and sexuality.  It’s always my hope to allow others to reveal themselves, by creating connection and understanding before I even press the shutter. 


My subject matter is always about people, real/ordinary people, the eccentric and/or minority (trans, gay, ect…) I’m mostly attracted to people that stand out and that have the courage to stand out. I think it’s important to give them a voice.  My work favors glimpses into intimate human encounters, capturing emotion, and letting the unspeakable be seen.  Ultimately, my goal as a photographer is to create images that speak to the heart, that capture the essence of a couple's love and the beauty of their connection. 


I experienced my fascination with the world of photography at the age of four.  At 19, I left a small town in Quebec for Vancouver where I worked in the film industry as a camera assistant. The years spent in British Columbia were formative, and the idea of ​​becoming a freelance professional photographer solidified at that time. In 2004 I returned to Quebec where I worked with the collectif Agence Stock photo in Montreal, followed by work with newspapers and magazines.


I am now living and photographing in Montreal, focusing on my personal photography projects.

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